Mammoth Update!

Cavemen vs Mammoth
by Sean Goodison
Welcome back to Cavemen vs Mammoth!

First, I'd like to give a shout out to Sean for drawing up some awesome bits of artwork for the game featured here. Thanks!

I've had a suggestion to put together a wiki for the game and I think that's a great idea. A wiki would allow you all to log in and add your contributions. I'm exploring that option and will keep you all posted as soon as I can figure out how it works and organize the page. The last bit of news is that I'm going to change the parameters for CvM. The new parameters are:

1. This is a skirmish game. For now its just you, represented by one Caveman figure armed with a pointy stick.
2. This game is based on a six-sided dice.
3. These parameters will change weekly.

Rules Update:
This week's update will focus on Mammoths. I did some research this week and watched notable documentaries including Ice Age, Ice Age 2, and Ice Age 3. Turns out Mammoths are big, have a lot of meat, and sound like Ray Ramono.

Anyway, I learned a lot and thanks to you guys we've got some new rules to add to Caveman vs. Mammoth!
Thanks to everyone who posted ideas. If your rules haven't been posted, have no fear, I've archived them all for future use!

This week's additions:

Rule 4: Mammoths are armed with a trunk in addition to its other weapons. Trunks hit targets on a result of 6 and each hit takes away a health point. If the caveman hits the mammoth during this turn, it is in too much pain to aim his trunk.

Rule 5: Mammoth attacks are area attacks. This means that when a mammoth attacks it rolls a dice to hit all Cavemen in range of the weapon it is using.

Rule 6: Mammoths walk 4"/10cm per turn. Mammoths stampede 2D6" per turn.

Next week's rules theme:

Thanks for tuning in and keep the ideas coming!

Ooga booga,


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