Right, so I finished the last of the Sturmovye! I'm really pleased with how they turned out and now suddenly have a craving to do more Soviets... strange.

Anyway, here they are. You've already seen the SMG teams and sappers below, so these are the four 76mm obr 1927 infantry guns and two Maksim HMGs.

4x 76mm obr 1927 Infantry Guns and
2x Maksim heavy machine-guns
(Click for a larger view)
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I just love the little Czarist 76mm guns. Not only are they cool miniatures, but I think they are exceptional weapons in Flames Of War. They have a ROF of 2 and an anti-tank rating of 5, which isn't bad for taking out half-tracks. They are mobile so they can keep up with my infantry and, best of all, they have a firepower rating of 3+, meaning they can pick out enemy HMGs and other weapons that threaten my troops. They only have a direct-fire range of 16"/40cm, but thats mitigated by their gun shields, which will keep them safe from small arms fire as they close on their target. Finally, I shouldnt have to mention that they have a bombardment stat, which will allow them to support an assault from afar if its too dangerous to close in by pinning down the enemy teams with a barrage. 

Click photo for larger view
These ideal little guns fit well into my Sturmovye, only taking up one Storm team slot each. I can take up to four of them, meaning I can put down a decent artillery barrage with little effort. In this particular list, I'll likely be using three so I can swap the remaining two Storm teams for pioneers to clear minefields and take down bunkers, or HMGs to help secure an objective and add long range to my critically short-ranged SMG teams.

The whole Sturmovye Company
(Click photo for larger view)

Well, enough of that from me. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed todays double header!



  1. Very nice additions and excellent photography mate. The Pioneer bases marking mines are very cool.

    I agree the 76mm IGs are very useful (80 Pts for a CT battery? Why not...) though IIRC they're AT5, not 8 ;)


  2. Very nicely painted. Indeed the guns are cool models but still no reason for me to start with Russians. ;)

  3. Good catch CdlT. For some reason I thought they had AT 8, but I guess not. Serves me right for not checking the arsenal! Fixed above.


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