Woahmanian Updwate

Update time!

Well I managed to snap some photos of my Romanian army in its current state. I have a ways to go yet, but the hardest part (the infantry) is done. I apologize for the shoddy photos. I have yet to rig up a little photo area and this still rely on nature's light box: the sun.

The army so far.
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1st Platoon
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2nd Platoon
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3rd Platoon
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Heavy Anti-tank Platoon sans Command team
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On the Painting Table: 10x Soviet SMG teams and Romanian HMG platoon.
Both platoons are awaiting basing.

Thats about it. I'll have some more shots up soon as well as maybe more professional photographs as well. I'm really looking forward to working on my SU-76s, but not so much with the 9x PaK38s.... 

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  1. Very nice! I really like the basing.

    Whoamanians? More like bromanians. Am I right?

  2. Very cool! The basing in particular gives them very original look...as if with building Romanians you needed to be any more original ;)


  3. heh, thanks guys! I think I might actually go back over the platoon and tone down the orange. I've come to the conclusion that its simply overpowering the rest of the colors, especially in conjunction with the yellow.

    I've tried using very little orange then a lot of green brown and finished up with a touch of yellow on my HMGs and I think they turned out way better. Should have pics of them as well as the Soviet SMG teams later today.

    Thanks again!


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