A Flames Of War Update!

Well, its been a while but I think I'm ready to head back into WWII. I've been inspired by Steve over at WWPD to put some time into my early war light Panzer company.

Check out Steve's Panzers here...

So to kick things off I've basecoated 7x Panzer IIs, 4x PzIs, 2x Pz IVs, 3x SdKfz221s, 1x PzBef. Next up I'll start inking and other details. It'll be a good army to work on since I'm on the countdown to my wedding next Sunday. This is a pretty simple army to do, especially with the help of this tutorial here ... I really like how this painter's colors and style bring out the most from a simple grey Panzer.

Anyway, hope to get started on this project tonight!


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