Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Seems like all I do these days is make lists. I guess that's part of the hobby. I like putting together forces and playing FoW theory in my head. I'll readily admit, given the weight of evidence on this blog, that its distracting, and maybe I should just embrace it and carry on talking about lists without actually following up on them with painting. After all I've got a stupid full painting queue, as I'm sure many of my readers fully understand.

But today is not one of those days! I've actually been painting German infantry at a blindingly fast pace. Since my last blog entry (which was actually about British, if you recall) I've painted the following:

Stuff I've painted or rebased in the last few days
2x Pioneer Platoons (10x Rifle/MG teams each)
1x PaK40 Platoon (w/ 3 guns)
1x 7.5cm Infantry Gun Platoon

And I've rebased the following to match the above:
2x Panzergrenadier Platoons (7x MG/faust teams)
1x Heavy Platoon (2x HMG teams, 2x 8cm Mortar teams, 2x Command stands)
1x Panzergrenadier HQ (2x SMG and 1x Panzerschreck team)

All of that I did on a whim, I have no idea why I did it. Since doing my MW Strelkovy horde, I've had nothing but the infantry bug for painting, and again I find that weird! Anyway, I've been capitalizing on that as much as I can.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back to North Africa!

It seems like ages ago I was putting together my first Flames of War army, a British Motor Company from old Desert Rats book. It was also my first miniature game. I was (and to an extent still am) a card-flopper, playing the excellent games by Decipher Games (Star Trek, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings).