Sunday, February 19, 2012

BattleCry 2012

My Force
Well, got back from the big day! I was unable to play on Saturday, so a friend played the first three games and I played the last three games. It was an odd pairing, really, with Kyran's British Infantry Tanks (Matildas) and my LRDG Patrol. Kyran had a rough time of it on Saturday, scoring a total of 6 VP on the day and was at the bottom of the pack. So, I really couldn't do much worse. So out stepped the I-tanks and in came the trucks of the LRDG!

First a few photos of the event. BattleCry is a collection of many game systems and it was good to see such a variety. Sadly, I was too busy to take any photos other than some quick snaps from my game table!