Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Sudan Defense Force

Welcome back to the deep Sahara! I thought we'd take a plunge into a rather obscure unit in the raiders' war: the Sudan Defence Force. Coming off the bat from the Free French, the Sudan Defence Force (or SDF) is even more difficult to find information on. So I thought I'd compile some information here as well as quickly talk about how to field them in Flames of War.

The SDF was formed in 1925. It was the Sudan's primary defence unit during the era. There is a lot of information and story leading up to 1925, and rather than cover all of that here, I recommend you have a quick google of the history of the Sudan. I assure you its all good stuff and pretty intriguing in its own right!
The Sudan itself was effectively divided into two sub-states, the Muslim north and the Christian south. To avoid religious problems, the British established the SDF based on regional boundries. This also helped foster a bit of comradeship between the troops since they were familiar with each other, spoke the same dialects, and held the same beliefs. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Dust Clouds

Here's a simple How-To article on making Dust Clouds. Granted, its not much off the great tutorial in the back of Hellfire and Back!, but it might be helpful some how!

For BattleCry I decided that I needed a dust cloud for each vehicle in my force, which was 31. I hate odd numbers so I went with 32!