Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Great Bromley Raid

Our scaled-down rendition of Great Bromley
Last weekend Patrick and I played a raid for WWPD's Operation Sealion 1944. We wanted to put together a fun, dramatic series of games with an accompanying story. Its a two-part story focusing on a pair of raids. The first, featured below, is a glider assault on the Great Bromley radar station. The story so far can be found here... Once the missions are all  done and dusted, I'll compile it all and post up the fully illustrated story.

For now, here's the battlereport! Once again, many thanks to Patrick for the game and writing up the turn summaries!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Battle of Gloucester

A few afternoons ago Patrick Gribble and I played a game for the WWPD Operation Sealion 1944 campaign (found here...). We chose to fight over Gloucester, a critical point on the campaign map of western England.

I decided to defend with my favorite South Alberta Regiment and its accompanying 10th Canadian Infantry Brigade. Patrick took command of a Grenadier Company. What follows is the story of our battle along the approaches to Gloucester. (Many thanks to Patrick for the write up!)