Sunday, September 30, 2012

Coming to Terms with US Rifles

Pat's Tiger duals with my 155mm howitzers
I've been doing some reading about the battle of Aachen in October 1944. Its a really interesting battle and its inspired me to run a Big Red One company, hopefully for the FlamesCon 2012 coming up in November. I've never owned a US Rifle Company before, so I found myself completely caught flat-footed in terms of the platoons needed. I have played US Armored Rifles a lot and have pretty much everything for that list, but normal Rifles will require building a lot of the support from scratch. Lucky for me there's a whole new range of US figures in winter gear, so I've been making use of them as much as I can in making my US rifles ready for combat.

Painting them is one thing, playing them is another. The tactics I use for Armored Rifles are completely different and they really suit my aggressive play style. However, regular rifles will take a little re-training. So I gathered up what I had for my list and probably worked out about 20 different forces. I kept hitting the 1575 point ceiling so early with veterans. I even tried several Trained lists, but quickly abandoned them as they didn't fit the theme of the Big Red One. So I eventually just built a list with a sample of everything I wanted and tossed it into a list without any further thought about how they'd work together. Like with any new forces I try out, I figured some combinations and tactics would make themselves clear once I had a few games.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hastings Castle

Hastings Castle Ruins
Yesterday I was finally able to fulfil a childhood desire: to visit the Battle of Hastings. I forgot just how much 12-year-old me really wanted to visit this site and I was surprised by just how giddy I was leading up to it! So we travelled to Hastings and set up our headquarters. The battle took place several miles to the north, so for the first day we toured the city and had a look at Hastings Castle, which lies in ruin a top the seaward cliffs. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ze Fwench

This week is a photo dump week! I've discovered some photos of my 1940 French that I've not post before now (at least I think so?).

So here's my Early War French Escadron de Reconnaissance from Blitzkrieg (page 152)!