Tournaments, Tournaments, and more Tournaments!

Wow, lots has happened since my last post! I've managed to get the computer back up and fully operational in case Admiral Ackbar attempts to blow it up again. So, without further ado, its catch-up time!

FlamesCon 2012
This year's FlamesCon (our LWGT) went quite well. As always I've learned some new things to keep in mind for next year, but I think the Battlefront team delivered a successful weekend, if I do say so myself! Here's a couple of photos I've trawled from the internet as I managed to leave my camera at home on no fewer than three occasions! Thanks to Gavin, Dan, and Casey for these snaps:

Lots of Kampfgruppe Peiper forces, which was great to see!

Nodnol's Cool Motostrelk

"Do you think its safe to cross, Herr Reid?"
"Ja! What's the worse that could happen?"
"We could lose 1-6, sir."
"Excellent. Panzers, marsch!" 

Separated at birth?

Wayne's Jagdtigers

Herr Reid's Display Board

Lee's Fantastic Diorama

War of Flames
This year Sean and I ran an arcade game called War of Flames. If you don't already know about this little time-sink, go have a look at the rules here...

In a nutshell, its a parody on First Person Shooter games (mainly Battlefield 1942) using the Flames Of War system. Each player controls a singly figure. Using one of five classes (Scout, Assault, Medic, Engineer, and Anti-tank) players battle it out for the high score. If you have a chance to play a game, drop me a line and let me know how it went!

It was quite fun to run and play. Sean and I ran a few basic death matches during the day, and a great big D-Day assault after hours. There was some pretty epic scenes played out that night on the beaches of Normandy!

Shifting Sands 2013
Shifting Sands is an event put on by the Arizona Desert Rats. I had the privilege to attend one of their events in 2008 and I am excited to be able to attend this years (actually next year's) event on the 12-13 January 2013. The theme for this year is the Battle of the Bulge, so how could I resist?

For more information about the event go here...

Anyway, together with Mark Francis, I've been "blogging" about my force and getting it painted, so be sure to follow our progress on the main Flames Of War site. In the mean time, here's a few photos stolen from today's update of my US Engineers in progress:

One of my Rifle Platoons (I have one more, but I need to work on my proper engineers next)

My 105 battery. I've got a battery of 155s as well.

You can see Mark's and my lists and progress here:
Commandos vs. Engineers Part I ...
Commandos vs. Engineers Part II ...
Commandos vs. Engineers Part III ...

Alright! Well, that about catches me up. Next week we are hosting Steve from WWPD, so I'll try to sneak in a little update at some point to let you all know how his visit is coming along!

Thanks again for reading,


  1. Great pics Mike.

    Love your engineer list, very themed the first units look great: any chance on a "how to" post for the bases? I'm doing 2 ID based on the fighting around Krinkelt-Rocherath, but was looking for something other than "snow" for basing. Mud and a late autumn/winter feel looks more promising, I'd love to know how you did yours.


    1. Ah, never mind: I see you've already described the process on the main FOW site. Thanks for that, very useful.


  2. I agree the basing is awesome. That's a great effect.

  3. Hey I nominated you for a Liebster award

  4. Hi,

    I and my two sons (9 and 11 years old) like War of Flames.
    Thank you and Sean for this game.

    But I have a question about the rules, it's on the Flames of War forum under "Rules Questions".
    Here is also a link:

    I hope you or Sean can help us and write the answer at the forum.

    Hans (from Holland)

    1. Hi Hans! Sorry for the delay!

      Thanks for playing the game! To answer your question, you must chose one of the two weapons to shoot using one Action. If you are lucky and roll an additional action you can then fire the other weapon. The example merely lists the things yo can do, but not necessarily all together.

      Hope that helps!

    2. Thanks Mike for your answer.
      It's clear to me now.

      Except one thing,
      page 1 of the War of Flames rules say's:
      "With the exception of Move Actions, you cannot choose the same Action twice in the same turn."
      So shooting with a weapon in the first and in a additional action is not allowed. Am I right in thinking?



    3. As written, yes I suppose you can't shoot twice. However, I'm not sure this is a necessary restriction and I would probably remove it in a future edition.


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