Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Cursed Tale of a British Armoured Squadron

I'm fairly certain that my LW British tanks are cursed to never hit the battlefield. They have a long and arduous history leading up to this very day of things happening to stop them just short of actually rolling onto the table.

My Late-war British Armoured Squadron started life back in the days of Festung Europa. I decided that my Mid-war Sherman III company stood me in such good stead that I would carry on playing them in Late-war. I also wanted it to be special, so I spent a good deal of time detailing them with green-stuff stowage and such. However, my attempts at sculpting were so deplorable, that I threw them into a box in frustration and covered them up.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Soviet Anti-tank Guns

Here's a really quick update on my Soviet project. I've finished the medium-base anti-tank guns. Six bases over all and like the artillery, they are magnetised to accomodate the two different anti-tank guns available to my Soviets: the older 45mm obr 1938 and the updated 45mm obr 1942. The guns shown here are the older ones, all geared up to support my militia.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Snapshot IV Report

Alright! Well, Snapshot IV was the weekend just past. Based on the feedback left here and several analog discussions, I brought the Panzer Brigade from my earlier article (here...). It was going to be an epic struggle, fielding Germany's 'finest', but at 1850 points, you get a lot of stuff!

After an early start, game one was Dust Up. My opponents were relative newbies (a team-up side) using Welsh Guards tanks. I was a bit apprehensive as the terrain afforded no where to hide my Panthers. So I opted to deploy back and force them to close. Hopefully I could weather a moving-ROF volley and then let loose with my AT 14 guns to clear all major threats. Turned out it worked, wiping out all tanks deployed on the table in the first round of shooting.

Friday, April 5, 2013

WWPD4Vets Event Report

Wow, what an event! We certainly had a lot of fun. I think I played four games, helped run a few new players through an X-Wing game, and generally enjoyed the lazy Sunday.

I've got a lot of interesting photos and now that I finally remembered the camera cable, I can down load them and post them up here. Thanks to everyone who came by. I learned a lot and hopefully we'll be able to make it an even better event next time around.

The first game I played was introduce Wayne to X-Wing. He bought a starter a few weeks ago, so we played straight out of the box. It was pretty fun and I hope Wayne enjoyed it!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Snapshot Armies

Well, I intended to get something up this week covering the WWPD4Vets event last weekend, but as I keep forgetting my all important camera cable at work, getting the photos home is proving to be a bit of a challenge. So I'll have to settle for a list-building article instead. I'll get the WWPD article up as soon as I can get my memory to work with me as opposed to against me.

Unfortunately, this article begins on a frustrating note: I can't get my Fusilerkompanie done for Snapshot! Dammit. So, its time to pull out the backups. General qualification comes down to stuff I've got painted.