Soviet Anti-tank Guns

Here's a really quick update on my Soviet project. I've finished the medium-base anti-tank guns. Six bases over all and like the artillery, they are magnetised to accomodate the two different anti-tank guns available to my Soviets: the older 45mm obr 1938 and the updated 45mm obr 1942. The guns shown here are the older ones, all geared up to support my militia.

When Casey was taking photos of my Finns, he got a few random ones in of my Soviets. You've seen these figures before, but the photos are clearly superior to the ones I can take at home!


Heavy Mortar Platoon
(have I mentioned I love heavy mortars?)

Flame-thrower Teams
(The burning embers is an homage to an old friend of mine
who helped get me into Flames Of War. Thanks Rick!)


Company HQ teams

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice looking flamethrowers, Mike. Still planning to make it to Seattle for PAX?

  2. Thanks Rick. This whole damned army is inspired by your definitive Strelkovy army!

    Don't think I'll make PAX after all. Two trips over the Pacific is a bit tough on the old finances. I'm hoping next year and to make a family outing of it!

  3. Very nice sovs there Mike. Cool scorched earth effect :) How many points are you building?

  4. Hi Khairul!

    Points: Many. heh! I don't have a set goal really, I'm well over the 4000-point mark with my Soviets, so I'm just bolting on more and more support options as they come up in the painting queue!

    PS: I was fondling your P-38 today waiting for Chris to turn his back for a second. That man has eagle eyes... Great job on those!

    1. 4K, that's impressive. I don't have any close to 2K but I have a few at 1750. LW game one day ;)

  5. Very impressive, great work!


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