Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Fighting Uruk-Hai

I'm a little annoyed with myself for going down this rabbit hole. It has taken up three painting days and I've got nothing else done on the projects that I really need to get cracking on, like support platoons for my US rifles I intend to use in WWPD's Operation Overlord global campaign.

Having said that, I'm pretty jazzed about playing my Uruk-hai in a game of Saga. I've got 5 points done, and I need to work on a point of Uruk pikemen for my last one. In the end I'll have four points of Uruk fighters (Hearthguard) and two points of Uruk pikemen (Warriors). If  time and budget allow I'll add some berserkers, siege engines and Uruk sappers, and crossbowmen. For now, I'm happy with a simple mix of spears and swords.  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chaos on the Painting Table

Back in my LORT:CCG days, this guy was my hero.
So, I've gone a little off the rails in my painting plans. I was in the process of finishing my Hueys for my Blue Platoon for Vietnam, when suddenly the urge took hold to make an Uruk-hai warband for Saga. Yep, that's how my brain works sometimes...

Anyway, I've been bad about getting some photos together, so here is a snap of my ludicrous desktop. As you can see, I've got several completely unrelated projects on the go. I'm going to focus on the Uruk-hai in order to clear them out.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sexy Sextons (Not Really)

Sorry for the horrible title.

Anyway, finished these Sexton self-propelled guns over the past week. They've been sitting in my to-do pile for a while and I thought I'd squeeze them in while I was still interested in painting my British Guards.

I'm gonna keep it brief and I apologize for the really slapped-together photos. I'm on a creative high for some Saga stuff and needed to sweep these off my painting desk ASAP. More on the Saga stuff later, as I'm pretty damned excited about it!