Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super-heavy Rockets

This week I cranked out some 30cm Nebelwerfers. You may recall that I did six Nebelwerfer bases and magnetized the 15cm and 21cm launchers. I've now added the 30s to this scheme as well. I know the rockets the crew are loading are not the right ones, but these days I care less about that and more about having miniatures in my condensed collection I must keep due to lack of storage space.

So, I got a pair of blisters of 30cm NW42 Rocket Launcher (GE595) and painted up all six weapons. I added the crew to my bits box for a future project, except I kept the six guys holding 30cm rockets aside. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013


I've got another simple update this week. I've been pretty busy around the house and at work, with little time to paint, so this is all I've got to show for this week.

I had a huge debate about these gun pits in terms of how to base them. My Germans are based differently from my Americans, which are again different than anything else that might make use of nests. In the end I settled on a generic green scheme.

I'm also going to do up some loose guns and crew as well. The pictured PaK40 and FlaK38 guns were from my War of Flames arcade game Sean and I ran at FlamesCon last year.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grab Bag Painting Week

Not a lot to say about the last week. I decided to clear all of the old projects that have been sitting my desk for quite some time. It was getting cluttered and my 14-month old is just starting to be able to reach everything on my desk. So, time to clear everything and get it back down to one project at a time!

First up are four Artisan cowboys. The guys at work have been playing some Legends of the Old West and I thought that it was about time these got some paint. They have been sitting on my desk long enough for the dust to settle and somewhat adhere to the primer! Anyway, a rush job to get these guys done.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Blues Brothers

I finally got my Blues finished. This was the most difficult platoon in my Vietnam force to complete, owing to the large model count (14) and the complexity of the Hueys in terms of painting and finishing.

The latter problem is my own doing, having made the decision to go the extra yard for these aircraft. But in the end, I think the models are better for it!

Thanks to Chris and Blake, I decided to add some passengers to the Hueys to give them a bit of character. I'm pleased with the results and can't wait to get them into action!