Wow, it's been way to long since my last post! Sorry about that! The usual excuses are in order: life, the universe, and everything getting ahead of the line for my attention.

Well, I'm back for some semi-regular content! First order of business is a general update. I've been doing little painting and gaming in the past few weeks, so my list of things I've completed is pretty short.


Top of the list is my FlamesCon update. Before I get into my painting progress, here's a nifty commercial for our event!

As the 'ringer', I'm going to have two lists ready to play on the date. The first is my Axis list as I'm still considering my Allied list. I secretly hope that there are a lot of Allied players so I can bust this bad boy out! After contemplating my three options, I settled on the Fusilierkompanie. So I got my airbrush out for the first time since my son kicked me out of my mancave 18 months ago. I'll forgive him, but my airbrushing skills have atrophied. I need to get back into it slowly with these EIGHT Marder IIIMs!

Apart from the Marders, I needed a pair of 15cm infantry guns, so I did these up. I decided to base them on a large base (added an extra crew figure) because, frankly, they look ridiculous on the medium base they came with. The gun alone takes up most of the base and getting the crew to fit was going to make it look dumb. So, my opponents who will have a care, will just have to suck it up. I personally think a large base has more disadvantages anyway, so they should be happy!

Once the Marders are done, I'll be able to field the army with the only proxy being my Pioneers standing in for scouts. If I have time, I've got the scout platoon ready for painting, but I want to focus on the Marders first.

Speaking of keeping focus, I've started a new project. More on that in later posts, but for now here's a bit of my progress: 5x Hetzers.

Right, that's all I have for the moment. I'm going to be contemplating my Allied lists. I'm leaning toward some 4AD from BGG, so we'll see where that ends up. If you've go some favorite Allied lists, drop them in the comments below, I'd love to see your thoughts!

Thanks again for stopping by!


  1. 8 Marders! Ouch thats going to hurt!
    Not so sure about the infantry guns - whats you plans for them? a 2 gun bombardment or move them up for direct fire?

    1. Hi Scott!
      I think the infantry gun are an exceptional platoon for a few reasons. :)

      1. Cheap - Its low cost means it can enter your army pretty easy to give it added firepower
      2. 15cm Arty - It's still a 15cm gun, so its got great firepower in bombardment, and can pin the enemy down (especially if the mortars are dedicated smoke screeners).
      3. Veteran - Bombardments from 2x Veteran guns isn't terrible and will still likely hit something after re-rolling hits. That being said, I probably wouldn't consider adding them if they were Trained.
      4. Bunker buster/FP 1+ - The last thing I want them to do is charge forward and bring the enemy under direct fire. But it is something I'm willing to do given the right circumstances.
      5. Bench Warmers - This is a great platoon to chuck in Reserve :)

    2. Thanks for your thoughts. I've only got the 7.5cm variety, and rarely use them, so pondered the worth the 15cm...


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