Friday, November 22, 2013

SS-Jäger Platoon

Well, I finished my SS-Jäger platoon for my Panzer Brigade 150. It was a bit of a journey, and I took some shortcuts. The first being that I used the Volksgrenadier figures for this platoon, rather than the normal SS ones. I did this to both cut down on SS camo I'd have to paint, but also make them distinct from other SS troops I plan to do in the future.

As Jagers, they are rated Rifle/MG teams, but I've used a lot of assault rifles, Panzerfausts, and others in order to make them work for a variety of forces, chiefly SS-KG Peiper.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Udarny vs. Puscasi AAR

Andrew and I got in a game last weekend, which I was really looking forward to. I've not had the chance to play many games with my brother since he has arrived, but we managed to squeeze one in.

Andrew really wanted to play his beloved Romanians, so with his army state-side I loaned mine to him. It didn't have nearly enough infantry Andrew is accustomed to playing, but he managed to make it work.

I wanted to try out the revised Udarny Strelkovy from Red Bear. I got a few playtest games in earlier, but this was strictly for fun so it was far more enjoyable!

We rolled up Counterattack as our mission. My Udarny have Always Attack other infantry companies, so I was the attacker.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kampfgruppen X, Y, and Z

With FlamesCon 2013 now behind me, its time to focus on a fun project to see out the year. I've been debating what I want to do, ignoring all of the voices in my head telling me that I should get on with my painting queue.

I've recently been interested in working on a Panzerkompanie from the upcoming Desperate Measures book, but I'll be waiting on a few new releases to get all of the elements together. So while the factory in KL is busily working away, I've decided to look into an old favorite: Panzerbrigade 150.