Monday, January 27, 2014

DanCon 2014

Today I attended the greatest Flames Of War event held in the Southern Hemisphere. I speak, of course, of the illustrious DanCon 2014, hosted by the standup gents of TCOW (That Club Out West). The event was a three-game tournament (1250 points) with entirely random mission selection with some general guide lines. True to form, Dan, over at KingDan's Place, and the TCOW guys delivered an excellent easy-going event.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Big Plans for 2014

This is my first post of 2014, so a very belated Happy New Year to all! This year, I’ve got a crazy resolution lined up for 2014. I only have one because it breaks down into several sub- resolutions, each with a level of complexity. ...And its massive. It is this:
“I will play at least one game with each US Infantry Division involved in the Northern France campaign, June-August 1944.”
This breaks down into the following sub-resolutions: o Paint everything needed for these games (Approx 115 models/teams total) o Post a brief history of the engagement I’ll be playing (14 histories) o Post a battlereport for each game (14 battlereports) o Don’t get distracted (yeah right) Sourced from the Citizen Soldier PDF and Overlord, that’s 14 infantry divisions, for a total of 14 games. Easy, right?