Friday, February 28, 2014

MacLauchlanov - vs - Von Haught: An AAR

With all of the Late War excitement happening, Steve and I were feeling a bit old-school and decided to throw down an Early War game. Our theme was loosely defined as "A Barbarossa-ish tank battle" so I ran a Mittlere Panzerkompanie from Hellfire & Back (ironically running my winterized Panzers!) and Steve used a Heavy Tankovy Battalion from Rising Sun. The game was brutally fast, so I'll keep the report so as well!

Off the top of my head, Steve ran an HQ upgunned T-28, two T-28 companies (each with 4 upgunned tanks), a BT assault gun platoon with 6 tanks, and a full sapper company. His force was rated Confident Conscript. I ran two HQ Pz IVDs, a platoon of two Pz IVDs, a platoon of four Pz IIIGs, a Sd Kfz 221/222 patrol, and a 2/3 pioneer platoon. My force was rated Confident Veteran.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beyond the Elbe (a lot) to Hungary! --- an AAR

Like Andrew, Wayne was looking to get a test game in with his BattleCry Hungarian assault gun list so we scheduled a game for mid-week after work. As I mentioned earlier, BattleCry was 1575 points, Late War. Wayne loves his Hungarians and he had a very good list. So good in fact, it made want to build it!

I grabbed my good 'ol American Shermans from Blood Guts and Glory. After playing the Panzer Brigade against Andrew, I felt I needed to get back to basics and play some US tanks. I'm partial to the Veteran ones, so I've been tinkering with lists and tactics to get these expensive Shermans to work on the battlefield.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Panzer Brigade "Finland" an AAR

Last week I got to play a game with my brother. He wanted to test out his army list for the forthcoming Flames Of War tournament at the BattleCry 2014 event. It's a 1575 Late-war event, and he is bringing his Finnish army. Unfortunately BattleCry interferes with my family schedule, so I can't attend the event this year. However, if you are in Auckland on 15/16 February, you should drop in and check it out. It's a great event with lots on for gamers young and old!