Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Firestorm: Market Garden - Turn 2!

Last weekend we played turn two of the TCOW Market Garden Firestorm campaign. At the end of the first turn, the Allies made some exploitation moves that won them some good ground for turn two. Andrew dropped a few more paratroopers and glidermen, including the Polish Parachute Brigade at Driel south of Arnhem and US 101st paratroopers north of Eindhoven. Arnhem town and the Elst road were captured on either side of the Arnhem bridge. Further south, some of the side roads were secured by US paratroopers.

Meanwhile, a strong showing of German Firestorm troops arrived to reinforce the Axis forces, notably heavy tanks and more 88 flak guns. British Typhoons successfully interdicted the Panzer Brigade 107, and they were delayed this turn. Still, Greg was able to use his troops to capture the Goesbeek Heights with exploitation moves and get a lot of troops forward to deal with the unfolding Allied assault.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Bridge Too Far: A TCOW Campaign

Turn 1 is upon us! We're playing through Firestorm: Market Garden at TCOW over the next few weeks, and here's the result of the first turn!

This week, we had five games lined up. The Allied strategy was focused on breaking out at the bridgehead and making a move into Holland from the border. A couple of Allied generals dropped behind enemy lines, but a good number of German spoiler attacks hit the British ground forces hard.

Andrew commands the Allied forces and executes his parachute jump, including some exploitation moves to seize critical roads, bridges, and towns. Greg commands the Axis and orders a general defense along the border.