Thursday, September 25, 2014

Panhards Ride Again!

Continuing on with my decent into Early War, Patrick and I had a game a few nights back. He was keen to try out his Waffen-SS, and I wanted to get a game in with my French (the bench-warmer list I brought to Wayne-Con in case there were too many Axis).

To set the scene, Pat brought out a fantastic bottle of Belgian beer (Duvel) and we split it and started rolling dice!

Patrick's SS included an HQ (led by Panzer Meyer hisself!), three infantry platoons, a pair of HMGs (combat attached), a mortar platoon, a pair of 88s, and two 8-rads.

I had an HQ Panhard, a platoon of 5x Panhards, two platoons of 4x Panhards, a Fuciler Portes platoon, a platoon of 5x Somua S-35 tanks, and a battery of 75mm mle 1897. I also had 25pts of Air Interception, but that was more for the tournament and I couldn't be bothered trying to revamp the list.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Last weekend we played a little tournament run by our esteemed Sir Wayne Turner (title pending). To give you a bit of background, Wayne had just finished putting the last little bits into the upcoming Barbarossa book, when he he mentioned that he'd like to play more Early War games. Several of us in the studio agreed, so Wayne set a date for a staff 1500-point tournament and then we got on with the important task of writing lists.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Revenge of 30 Corps! (TCOW FS-MG Turn 3)

Last weekend we ripped through another turn of Firestorm: Market Garden out at TCOW (which incidentally now has a shiny new blog!).

To round out Turn 2 and kick off Turn 3, Andrew and Greg executed their orders. Allied supplies were flown in and German reinforcements poured in from Amsterdam and Wesel. Tactical air support was sent by both sides to Arnhem.

This week we rolled up 10 games, so there was a lot of action on the battlefield!