Revenge of 30 Corps! (TCOW FS-MG Turn 3)

Last weekend we ripped through another turn of Firestorm: Market Garden out at TCOW (which incidentally now has a shiny new blog!).

To round out Turn 2 and kick off Turn 3, Andrew and Greg executed their orders. Allied supplies were flown in and German reinforcements poured in from Amsterdam and Wesel. Tactical air support was sent by both sides to Arnhem.

This week we rolled up 10 games, so there was a lot of action on the battlefield!

Game 1: Arnhem
Andrew vs. Patrick - German Victory

Welsh Guards were off the map and defending Arnhem this week against Pat's Kampfgruppe von Swoboda. The results were grim, but Andrew's sacrifice managed to free up other Allies to make some inroads.

Game 2: Heesch Road
Paul vs. Damian R. - Allied Victory

Paul's 82nd Airborne lashed out from LZ-W and hit Damian's KG Hummel enroute on the Heesch Road. The fight was short and sharp, with many Tigers left burning.

Game 3: Veghel Bridge
Damian C. vs. Jonathan - Allied Victory

Damian's wayward British paratroopers continued their guerrilla war, striking the Veghel Bridge and snatching it from Jonathan's grenadiers with a little help from some 30 Corp tanks.

Game 4: Son Bridge
David vs. Greg - Allied Victory

David's 11th Armoured Division, was having a difficult advance on the flank, so he relocated his efforts to the main route along Hell's Highway. Greg's Fallschirmjager held the road near Son Bridge, however once surrounded the paratroopers had an impossible job holding the bridge and only narrowly escaped certain destruction.

Automated Games 
We had a few automated games to make up the numbers. Andrew gained most of the initiative and focused his efforts on making good on his comrade's battles in progress. Using these battles to free up some alternate supply routes, Andrew helped form a strategic victory for this turn, despite his tactical loss at the hands of Pat's wall of 8.8s! However, Greg's counterattacks nearly threatened to cut 30 Corps off near Eindhoven.

Game 5: Maas-Waal Canal Bridge
Automated - German Victory

]Game 6: Best Road
Automated - German Victory

Game 7: Wilhelmina Canal Bridge
Automated - Allied Victory

Game 8: Tilburg Bridge
Automated - Allied Victory

Game 9: Helmond Bridge
Automated - Allied Victory

Game 10: Venray Road
Automated - German Victory

Game 11: Groesbeek Heights
Damian R. vs Mike (me!)

After Damian's first game finished, we managed to line up another one. I took command of my Grenadier guards and was sent to defend Groesbeek Heights. With a lot of Tigers on the battlefield, I opted for a hard-charging advance. After a sharp firefight, the Tigers were left burning and my troops secured the heights!

This week was a tough fight. The Allied counterattack was fierce this turn. Andrew's plan came together to provide the Allies not one, but two supply routes running all of the way up to Grave Bridge, gaining them more victory points for being in supply. The Arnhem pocket was reduced in the north, but a strong presence of paratroopers still held the bridge and the nearby landing zones.
However, the Germans are well positioned to threaten not only Arnhem, but also Nijmegen and Eindhoven in the south. They also still hold the majority of the victory points, despite all of their holdings between Arnhem and Grave being out of supply.

This week's results:

LocationLocationVPControlledSupplyValueAxis VPAllied VP
Albert CanalE446AxisNo330
Arnhem BridgeT1260AlliedNo30030
Boxmeer BridgeU2810AxisYes10100
Gelderland BridgeD136AxisYes660
Grave BridgeQ2420AxisNo10100
Helmond BridgeQ4310AlliedYes10010
Ijessel BridgeX920AxisYes20200
Maas BridgeW416AxisYes660
Maas-Waal Canal BridgeR2320AxisNo10100
Nijmegen BridgeS1950AxisNo25250
Son BridgeM4020AlliedYes20020
Tillburg BridgeC406AlliedYes606
Turnhout BridgeC436AlliedYes606
Veghel BridgeM3320AlliedYes20020
Vught BridgesG3010AxisYes10100
Wilhelmina Canal BridgeJ3910AlliedYes10010
Zaltbommel BridgesE236AxisYes660


  1. Looks like the campaign is going great. I like all of the unique Market Garden lists your group is using.

    1. Thanks! The guys voted to keep things "In Theatre" so we're sticking to army lists from the two MG books. Makes for some interesting matches!


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