Thursday, October 23, 2014

Highway to the Reich: The Dramatic TCOW FS:MG Finale!

It’s the 70th anniversary for Market Garden this year and the gents at TCOW (that club out west) have been celebrating it with a Firestorm: Market Garden Campaign over the past few months. They have been building up for the final battle, carefully planning and waging a merciless war. The stage is now set and the guys extended an open invitation to all FlamesCon goers to stop in and lend a hand toward final victory!

On Saturday night we ran a Market Garden huge multi-player battle to mark the dramatic conclusion of the TCOW Firestorm: Market Garden Campaign. The game was a mega-battle format with several tables lined up to make one large table. Players took charge of an army and played for the cause they joined.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Highway to the Imminent Peril Zone!

With TCOW's Market Garden event at FlamesCon, I needed over 30' of highway for the five tables I intended on using.... And I needed it in less than a week's time.

Imminent Peril!

So I got with Patrick and we came up with a plan. Pat had recently purchased a road set from Toshach Miniatures, which is a printable PDF version. I had some cork flooring tiles kicking around and I put two and two together.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Strelkovy, Strelkovy Not...

I had originally planned for this article to get posted up prior to FlamesCon, but failed to set it's upload time correctly! Apparently it was set to go live in a month's time. Oh well! Better late than never!

It's that time of year again: FlamesCon 2014!

So, this year, I'm taking it easy and am going to play in the one-day Early War tournament, in keeping with my EW kick lately. I enjoyed playing my Mittlere Panzers and my Panhards recently, but this time around, I want to try something completely different: Strelkovy (from Rising Sun, page 67).

Monday, October 20, 2014

FlamesCon 2014: An AAR

Last weekend was FlamesCon, the big Auckland Flames Of War event hosted by Battlefront. We ran several events:

  • Late-war Grand Tournament (both days)
  • Late-War One-day Tournament (Saturday)
  • Late-War One-day Tournament (Sunday)
  • Early-War One-day Tournament (Saturday)
  • Mid-War One-day Tournament (Sunday)
  • Dust: Battlefield One-day Tournament (Sunday)

We also had a couple of After Hours events: Flames in the Sky (Phil's airplane game) and a Market Garden megabattle (TCOW's Firestorm campaign finale).

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tough 'Ombres

Well, I'm officially going to bug out of my New Year's resolution to get through all of the Citizen Soldiers briefings within the year. I'm still keen on it, so I'll get them posted as I arrange and play the games as I can squeeze them in, it's just not going to happen before year's end. Oh well!

I had intended to post the games in historical order, but with the demise of all hope on the Resolution front, I want to post up this game that Steve MacLauchlan and I played waaaay back in January. So, here's a little past battlereport about a past battle in Normandy, over 70 years ago!

The game is set in Normandy on D+1. The 4th Infantry has made the assault and the 90th Infantry Division has taken over the offensive from the Ivy men, keen to test their mettle. The story of the "Tough 'Ombres" in Normandy is one of disappointment and debate, but I wanted to field these troops for myself and see how they perform on the Flames Of War battlefield.