Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Busy Weekend!

The weekend past was a busy one in terms of hobby fun. Between BattleCry, the Howick Military Tattoo, and a TCOW meeting, there were a lot of reenacters firing weapons either by using dice or black powder.

BattleCry 2015
The big hobby event of the weekend was BattleCry. The event has a lot of interesting games being played and this year it was in a new, smaller venue. This pushed all of the games together into a smaller space, which was difficult on the players, but made it easier for photo taking!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Liri Valley Counterattack: An AAR

After too long a break, Patrick and I threw down a game last weekend. Pat was keen to give a tournament list a try and I wanted to get my German medium tanks on the table.

I also wanted to have the excuse to put some new terrain on the table. I've been spending some time working on my terrain collection, fixing it up, etc. I've also made up a couple of more forest bases and based up some pine trees I had lying about. Finally, I wanted to make sure that my new railroad pieces made it on the table, including my new curves and switches pack and the switching tower. I love these little sets adn would highly recommend them if you haven't got them already!