Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Beach Basing

with Mike
(Cross-posted from Behind Enemy Lines...)

As I draw closer to basing my Marines, I've been experimenting with some different techniques to get a good beach effect. As usual I always start with photos and there's always a lot of great South Pacific holiday pictures to look at.

My objective with this experiment is Betio Island during the Tarawa landings. Using a collection of photos, I had a go at a few different bases to try a few things.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Semper Fi in the E.T.O.

with Mike
(Cross-posted from Behind Enemy Lines...)

Hello and welcome to our first Behind Enemy Lines battle report! It's no secret that the PTO has us by the balls. It's new, exciting, and it's got MARINES! I was so excited to get a game in that I lept at the chance to play a quick game with friend of the crew, Patrick. Pat's an accomplished German SS player, often taking trackless armies and doing quite well with them. 

As he doesn't have a PTO force (yet) we were keen to have a go with the often pondered USMC vs Waffen-SS match up. So, we settled on 1500 points using the late war points column in Gung Ho!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Sugarfields: A Terrain Tutorial

Sugar fields ablaze on Tinian
by Mike
(Cross-posted from Behind Enemy Lines...)

One of the major features of the Battles of Saipan and Tinian were sugar cane fields and the refinery facility. Plantations such as these are common in the Pacific islands and on the Asian mainland.

The fields are wide, square and open, rather reminiscent of Normandy fields. They are even edged by hedges, so you could look into using hedgerow terrain pieces to frame your fields.

Furthermore, one iconic photo stick in my mind. It’s of a 75mm SPG half-track. I’m fairly confident that this photo was the genesis of my desire to play the PTO on the table top....