Right, so I finished the basing for the Soviet infantry and the Romanian heavy machine-guns. First up are the HMGs. I tried to get a bit more clever with taking photos. Its a bit better, but please bear with me as I sort out the mysteries of photography!

Romanian Heavy Machine-gun Platoon
(sorry for the focus issues)
Click photo for larger view

Then there are the Soviets. These particular figures have been primed and waiting in the painting line for nearly four and a half years. It felt good to finally finish them, as I'm sure they are happy to finally be used! Admittedly, these are for my mid-war soviet army, which is why I've taken a different approach for the basing. I tried to make them late-late-summer to be close to the Romanians.Typically, I hate to have two different basing styles in an army, but this is a special case. 

My goal over the past several years has been to paint a Soviet infantry army by proxy; that is to say, I've been painting bits and pieces here and there and fielding them as support options. Then, once I have a fair amount of troops painted, I'll put them together and finally have the entire army mostly finished. I'd say I'm still about two years away from that goal yet!

Ten Soviet SMG teams
Click photo for larger view
I've painted 10 SMG teams as they work as either Sturmovye, a Strelkovy SMG platoon, or as Tankodesantniki teams for a full platoon of T-34s.

Two sapper teams clearing mines ahead
of my Sturmovye Company
My next goal will be to paint up a few of the Sturmovye options such as these two Sapper teams. I have two Maksim HMGs and four 76mm obr 1927 infantry guns currently on the painting table. This should give me plenty of cool options for a Sturmovye company.

Thanks and I'll work on improving my mad photo skillz!



  1. I like the bases of the Romanian Heavy Machine-gun Platoon.


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