The Spanish Main

I finally got to scratch a modelling and painting itch that I've been wanting to have a crack at for some time now. For Christmas my brother hooked me up with a pile of 1:1200th scale 16th Century ships from Valiant Enterprises ( including:
3x Carracks (Square-rigged)
5x Galleons (Square- and Lanteen-rigged)
3x Pinnace (Lanteen-rigged)

He also included some GHQ ships, which I have yet to identify, but they are definitely 18th and early 19th century ships, likely of British extract. One is a first rate ship-of-the-line (100 guns) and there are a few smaller 4th and 5th rate ships-of the-line and frigates. I haven't piled into those just yet as the 16th century stuff is a bit more in line with my interests at the moment.

Anyway, I've painted up a trial Carrack. I'm about 80% satisified with how it turned out, but I learned some things and I'll be a lot more prepared. The models are a bit rough and ready, but they'll do the job!

I'll get started on the galleons next and get a bit more adventurous with the rigging. The trial model's rigging was a bit frustrating and I think I probably should have started with a galleon. Oh well, I'll be pressing on with this project for sure. I have a huge soft spot for the age of sail and I'm all excited to get into it fully. More soon!


  1. Whoa! Those tiny ships are legit. Are they for a game? Or just for fun? Are you finally writing rules so that my tiny pirates can do battle with an aircraft carrier! OMG! That must be it! To the internets...

    Paint job looks great too. I need to try and paint something in that scale at some point. Props.

  2. You have no idea how badly I want to design that game exactly as you described it just then.

  3. Looking awesome, Im glad you liked them.


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