Cave Life

This week's update is titled Cave Life for obvious reasons. Today we will look at what happens back at the cave while your cavemen are out hunting mammoths.

Home is where the cave is, and not a truer phrase has been made up in the last few moments. It's all good hunting a mammoth, but what then? Obviously you need to eat the meat and put those proteins to good use.

In this update I've added a few more than just three rules, instead I've limited myself to three "topics". We introduce three new things about cave life, including a two new types of characters: Cavewomen and Cavekids. We also look at putting that meat you've collected to good use.

Topic 1: Meat Points
If your caveman returns to the cave carrying meat pieces, he may deposit them into your tribe's Cavefridge. Meat pieces stored in the Cavefridge are called Meat Points. 
Spending Meat Points: You may spend Meat Points at the beginning of your turn before you take any actions. These points can be spent on CaveTech upgrades, Cave & Garden expansion projects, or Social CaveNetworking.

Topic 2: Cavewomen
Cavewomen are excellent additions to any self-respecting Cave community. They augment the hunter's meat by collecting berries and guard the cave with their lives.You can add Cavewomen by spending Meat Points or going Clubbing. 

Option 1, Meat Points: You can purchase a Cavewoman for your tribe by spending four (4) Meat Points.

Option 2, Clubbing: If your Caveman is adjacent to any Cavewoman, you may attempt to pick her up and carry her back to your cave. Roll a dice. If your strength + dice result is greater than five (>5) you successfully club the Cavewomen unconscious and you may carry her back to your cave. However if your score is five (5) or less, she resists you and you must try again next turn. If your Caveman fails to club a Cavewoman, his ego and prestige are damaged and he immediately loses a health point.

Cavewomen Characteristics & Special Rules
Strength: 0 
Move: 6"/15cm (Cro-magnon), 4"/10cm (Neanderthal)
For every three (3) pieces of meat that a hunting party deposits in the Cavefridge, each Cavewoman adds +1 piece of meat to the deposit. Cavewomen can never deposit more meat than the hunters in a single deposit.
A Cavewoman is Strength +1 (maximum +4) for each Cavekid that is both from the same tribe and within 8"/20cm of the Cavewoman.

Topic 3: Cavekids
Cavekids do all the chores and keep the cave tidy. If you have at least one Caveman and one Cavewoman in your tribe, you may purchase a Cavekid for two (2) Meat Points.

Cavekid Characteristics & Special Rules
Strength: 0 
Move: 4"/10cm (Cro-magnon), 2"/5cm (Neanderthal)
At the beginning of each turn, each Cavekid gains a Growth Spurt token. You may also spend Meat Points to add additional Growth Spurt tokens on a Cavekid (1x Meat Point = 1x Growth Spurt token). When a Cavekid reaches six (6) Growth Spurt tokens, roll a dice: 

On a result of 1-3 the Cavekid becomes a Caveman.
On a result of 4-6, the Cavekid becomes a Cavewoman.

That's it for this week's update. Next week we'll talk about CaveTech, such as weapons and tools.



  1. You forgot to mention that if Caveman comes home empty handed ...

    Cavewoman slaps Caveman on a roll 4 - 6, results in Caveman losing - 1 respect points in tribe ...

    Cavekids misbehave on rolls of 1, 3 and 5 which results in 2 die rolls for Cavewoman if Caveman comes home empty handed.

    Cavekids misbehaving on rolls of 2, 4 and 6 allows Cavewoman to have 4 die rolls to slap the Caveman WHETHER HE DOES OR DOESNT come home with meat !!!

  2. Wayne gets an assist on the "Clubbing" title.


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