Cave Testing

Hello all! Welcome back, and I apologize for the delay in getting this week's update put together. Right, well for this week we don't have much in the way of rules. Instead, I've put together some downloadable PDFs for you to print off and begin your cave life. They include some cut-out cavemen and cavewomen as well as a scale mammoth and a few other things that you should find useful. They are pretty basic, but lets face it, so are cavemen. I'd once again like to thank Sean Goodison for providing the truly excellent artwork!

So this week's instructions is to take these sheets and have some fun creating some new rules. Using the ones we've got here, carry on with a few games and post up some playtest reports so we call all benefit from your latest hunt.

Download File: Caveman vs Mammoth Playtest Pack (PDF)...

I would like to take a moment to post up one rule which should hopefully be enough to get players started: the turn sequence. It goes a little something like this:

Choose a player to go first in the game (pick any method). That player may do one thing from the following list:
1. Gather Meat Pieces
2. Attack
3. Move

Once the player has done that one thing, the next player goes, and so on until all players have done one thing. Once all players have gone, all mammoths now do something.

If a mammoth is not under attack roll a die to see what it does:
1-2: Grazes: Does nothing.
3-4: Moves: Choose a player to move it forward its normal movement. If it reaches a table edge turn it around and carry on.
5-6: Aggressive posturing: Moves directly toward the closest Caveman. If it comes within 2"/5cm of a caveman, the Mammoth immediately attacks.

If a mammoth is under attack roll a die to see what it does:
1-3: Mammoth immediately attacks all Cavemen in its front arc with its trunk weapon.
4-5: Mammoth thrashes all Cavemen in its front arc with its tusk weapon.
6: Mammoth immediately stampedes in a random direction twice its normal movement. All cavemen in its way are trampled and lose two (2) health points.

That should keep you going and ready to take down a mammoth with your friends!