Cavemen vs. Mammoth: Hunting

Hey all,
Welcome back for another CvM update! Sorry I didn't get around to an update last night, but the evening got away from me.

As promised, this week's update focuses on hunting. How do bring down a mammoth? Here's a start:

Rule 1: Mammoths are Scary
Cavemen need to make a Scary Test before they can attack a mammoth. Roll a dice and add any of the modifiers listed below. If the result is at least a 8, the caveman may attack the mammoth this turn. 
Modifiers that make things less Scary:
- Add +1 to your Scary Test for each Caveman or Cavedog within 12"/30cm of your Caveman.
- Add +1 for each previous turn since the last time your Caveman has eaten. 

Rule 2: Thing We Get In End Make How We Did It Good. 
All weapons are Damage +1 if they strike a target from behind.

Rule 3: The Caveman Provideth
When gathering Meat Pieces from a carcass, roll a number of D3 dice equal to the creature's Meat value. A caveman can carry up to X Meat Pieces, where X=Caveman's Strength, not including any bonuses from Weapons.  

Right-o, There you have this week's additions. Next week we will look at Cave life, including eating meat, spending meat points to upgrade your brains, and cavewomen.

Until next week,