Welcome back!

This week we will be looking at CaveTech (TM, not really). CaveTech is the general term given to things that your tribe can develop to better hunt Mammoths. Through these advancements your cavemen and cavewomen will be able to harvest more meat than ever before. All it takes is a modest amount of Meat Points and a big brain.

This week we have three advancements that your tribe can purchase for Meat Points. These are all Level 1 CaveTech upgrades, meaning that your tribe also must be a Level 1 CaveSociety in order to use this technology.

There are several types of CaveTech: Personal Tools, Tribal Tools, and Brain Tools.

Personal Tools are purchased for one Caveman alone. You can purchase as many Personal Tools as you like provided they are not unique. However, you must purchase Personal Tools individually.

Tribal Tools are purchased for your whole tribe. Once you have purchased them all cavemen and cavewomen in your tribe are now equipped with the Tribal Tool. Some Tribal Tools are labelled as Tribal Tool (Caveman) or Tribal Tool (Cavewoman). This means that only Cavemen or Cavewomen can be equipped with these tools.

Brain Tools are used to develop your Cavemen's or Cavewomen's brains. They apply to the tribe as a whole and are necessary for furthering your CaveTech levels.

Blunt Rock Tied to Stick
Description: This weapon is very advanced compared to a pointy stabbing stick. By tying a blunt rock to end of a stick, your caveman has discovered it hurts more.
CaveTech Type: Tribal Equipment (Caveman)
Cost: 2x Meat Points for each Caveman in your Tribe
Duration: Permanent
Effect: When rolling to hit a target with a Pointy Stabbing Stick, Cavemen roll two dice instead of one and uses the best result, discarding the lowest result.

Fancy Tiger Cape
Description: Your caveman has killed a Sabertooth Tiger, one assumes, and now boasts of his achievements.
CaveTech Type: Personal Equipment (Caveman)
Cost: 5x Meat Points, or free if this Caveman has killed a Sabertooth Tiger during this game. 
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Adds +1 to this caveman's Clubbing result.

Clan of the Cavedog
Description: Your tribe has mastered the art of cavedog obedience training. 
CaveTech Type: Tribal Equipment
Cost: 3x Meat Points 
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Your tribe may now use Cavedogs.  

Thats all for this week. Tune in next week for a special announcement for CvM!