Tournaments: A Decidedly Average Affair

Well, day one of the Mid-war GT is complete and I really have to say that it was an average experience. Last year I decided to retire from the tournament scene because they are simply not a fun experience for me. I'm not going to judge anyone for liking them or playing in them. Quite the contrary. I really enjoy seeing people having a good time, and there seemed to be plenty of that going on today. But I decided to play in the MWGT so that I could play alongside my brother. It was a perfect storm. Andrew was here in NZ for my wedding and a doubles tournament sounded like a good way to get some games in with him while he is here. So we brought our Soviets!

Andrew: aka the brains behind the team

Phil sorts out the first round

Dirty Vod's Churchills

Battlefront Crew grudge match:
Wayne/Blake vs Casey/Mark

Game 1: Dust Up
Notes: Not a terribly memorable game. Got eaten alive, and then committed suicide by moving at the double in front of tanks a lot and assaulting 8 tanks with my remaining 10 stands of infantry.
Result: 1-6

Dan (left) prepares the Pie Plate.
Chris (center) and Andrew look on
Game 2: Breakthrough
Notes: Best game so far! Dan and Chris (from Battlefront) faced off with us. Dan had 8 Panzerwerfers with crews and busted out what he termed the 'Pie Plate', or a devastating bombardment template. He pegged 23 hits on one of my Strelkovy in one turn! The game went back and forth and in the end we were down to Dan's half-dozen grenadiers, Chris' three Panthers, four teams from my last Strelkovy company, and a few of Andrew's KVs. A truly epic game! I amy not enjoy tournaments, but I enjoyed the hell out of this game. Thanks to Chris and Dan for an excellent game!
Result 4:3 (barely)

The business end of Dan's 'pie plate'
Where'd that Strelkovy company go?
Andrew's KVs await the arrival of Chris' and Dan's reserves
My glorious force at the end of game two! (seriously, that was it aside from a mortar company with no targets!)

Game 3: Fighting Withdrawal
Notes: I hate this mission with an unbridled passion, but more on this later. Average game. The game could have done with a stiff dose of fun, like a disco dance-off or silly mustasche & glasses disguises.
Result: 2:5

For me (and I can't stress the for me bit enough), tournaments are too stressful. Its not just frustrating opponents. A greater amount of responsibility rests with me. I can sometimes grow too competitive and spiteful and I don't like where that can take me. Furthermore, I'm quite introverted and being around a lot of people drains me completely within an hour. That said, it is entirely possible for me to have a great game, as was the case with our second game.

Its a tough call, but I can honestly say that I don't enjoy playing in tournaments, and when you don't enjoy something, it doesn't make sense to keep trying it. So, I'll probably excuse myself from future events until such a time that I can build up the courage to try again or forget why I don't like them, whichever comes first.

Even so, I like watching people playing in tournament and I'm happy to see people enjoying the game. So, I won't be a twisted grump hiding under a rock like Gollum. I think I'll try to visit tournaments and even bring an army along in case there is an odd-man out who would like a pick-up game. I love seeing all of the armies that people have been hard at work getting ready for the tournament. I like talking with people and checking out terrain. So, I don't want my readers to go away thinking I hate tournaments, I just don't enjoy playing in them. I hope that makes sense! Anyway, here's some great pictures of day one of the tournament. :)


  1. Beautiful armies and terrain! Sorry your experience was average. Your force looked great though!

  2. I agree with Steve .... your stuff looks great and the tables look great to play on.

    I can understand your side of things on the tournaments. It's how you feel and that is cool. I am the type of person that needs tournaments to see other players besides our WWPD group. Nothing like a complete stranger whooping my a@@ ... it makes me want to come back to show "revenge" the next time.

  3. Still two more games to go, so we'll see. Not holding out for a major turn around in opinion. But at least I'll grab some more photos of armies and people having fun.

  4. Thanks for the great pcs. Some interesting tables with some wide open spaces on many of them.

  5. Fun write up and great pics. Shoot just that pic of Andy-roo made me read the whole thing. Cheers


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