Its no real secret that the Haught men are obsessed with aviation. So when Wings Of War exploded on the scene it was not surprising that it would be a hit with the guys of the family. Dad and my brother Andrew have been playing pretty full on and have even taken measures to up the ante!

Dad, ever the modeller, decided to make his own scale dirigibles for the game. Using a poster mailer, balsa wood stringers, and tissue paper, he has completed two zepplins, one German and one British. He sent me these photos yesterday once they were all finished. He's included some Wings Of War planes in the pictures for scale (1/144th). Anyway, I thought they were amazing and had to share them!


  1. holy crap those are awesome!!! ive always wanted to do a air game with a Balloon.m

    Massive props to your Dad.

  2. ah HA! I se what you did there... massive 'props' hahaha

  3. Sweet! He'll need a BIG table to play.


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