Burning Empires: Compagnie de Tirailleurs Seneglais (Part 1)

This new year my resolution is to paint up every single platoon in all of the forces from the second part of Burning Empires. Simple enough!

To kick things off I've began with the Compagnie de Tirailleurs Senegalais (Senegalese Light Rifle Company), but nowhere in my resolution does it say I have to stay with one force until its done, owing to my fluttering attention span! This way I can tackle new and different things found in the book along the way.

I have to admit I've cheated somewhat by having a pile of things already painted, but even though I have many platoons done, I can't actually make a complete force with any of them! So, hence my resolution. I have a massive passion for the Sahara campaign, and I'm counting on that to see this thing through!

I put together two of the rifle platoons (have to secure two more), as well as the anti-tank gun platoon for my French rifle company. The first of the Tirailleurs Senegalais platoons is nearly finished. I just need to do their Matford trucks. For now, here's the platoon. Once again I must apologize for my poor photography skills!


  1. These don't look like Russians ... !!! ;-)

    Great Work !

  2. They are great!

    Wich color do you use to paint the senegalais skin?

  3. I used Vallejo Chocolate Brown for the skin tone.

  4. I was just painting some of those Tirailleurs myself and you've done a wonderful job on them. The sculpts are quite crisp and detailed, your paint job does them justice.


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