Making Dust Clouds

Here's a simple How-To article on making Dust Clouds. Granted, its not much off the great tutorial in the back of Hellfire and Back!, but it might be helpful some how!

For BattleCry I decided that I needed a dust cloud for each vehicle in my force, which was 31. I hate odd numbers so I went with 32!

Step 1: The dog was so kind as to rip open his dog bed, so I had plenty of stuffing kicking around! Just needed to tear out some whispy-looking bits.

Step 2: I prepared 32 medium bases by covering the top in PVA glue and sprinkling sand over the top. Letting that dry overnight, I was ready to go.

Step 3: After the glue had cried, I used my trusty hot glue gun to put a massive blob of glue in the middle. Don't bother with trying to glue it down with PVA as it doesnt stick to the stuffing really well.

Step 4: Fix the whispy stuffing bit onto the base so that it simulates movement. Don't worry if you've got a squirrely looking one as you can trim it with scissors later.. 
Steps 5-36: Rinse & Repeat
Steps 37 & 38: once they were all done, I took each base and stuck them to a piece of cardboard with sticky tack. (Forgetting this vital step sent manya dust cloud into the wind! Then I undercoated them all with SP09 Italian Armour spray paint, available from Battlefront. Once that dried I did an extremely light dusting of SP07 British Armour (Desert).

These sprays sealed the dust clouds together and made them quite durable. I'd say I used about 3/4  of the Italian can and about 1/3 of the British one, so you can get a lot of dust clouds out them. 

That was it! And, best of all, they worked a treat!

Thanks for reading. Next up some information about the Sudan Defense Force and how to model them in Flames Of War.


  1. Nice! We use them in Spearhead - the clouds hide the numbers of following vehicles (so you see the first tank / truck but have no idea what's behind it. It could be one truck or an entire armoured division. Makes it fun!

  2. Very nice. Do you now the name of that sort of "of stuffing" form your dog's bed? Is that some kind of cotton wool?

    1. I think its just simple polyester stuffing, which you can find at your local sewing/craft shop ... or so my wife says anyway who is in the know about such things ;)

  3. Great tutorial! Thanks very much

  4. Nice one Mike, glue it down first, no more fluff tossing though...


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