Schnapps and Wrenches

A few nights ago Patrick and I ran a game with his SS versus my US Combat Engineers. The scenario was Fighting Withdrawal with me attacking. That suited me just fine as my engineers will probably be asked to attack a few times during upcoming Shifting Sands event. So the mission was to test my troops' offensive capability...and my ability to absorb copious amounts of alcohol.

The battlefield from behind German lines. Three SS-Panzergrenadier platoons have been deployed along the road, frustrating my ability to get my TDs into a good position.

On the left was 2nd Platoon, Combat Engineers and one Improvised Jeep Patrol. Their placement on the far left was among my earliest mistakes. Engineer platoons are just too small for independent operations.

1st Platoon, Engineers deplyed in the center, reinforced with a Jeep Patrol, the Towed TDs and a 57mm Anti-tank gun from the HQ. 

Patrick's deployment meant that I got about a 2" reconnaissance move into no man's land with my Jeep patrols and TDs. 

Patrick loves his 88s! They had a good view of the battlefield, forcing me to consider knocking them out ASAP to open up maneuvering room for the TDs and Jeep Patrols.

The German's Right flank. The 88s and his HMGs had a commanding view of the flank, so I set up my guns to engage these obstacles ASAP.

In the first turn I moved my Jeeps up from two patrols to try and get them into a position to lift GTG on the teams in the village. Eliminating these defenders was critical to my game plan.

The sole 57mm gun operated like an infantry gun, and managed to KO an HMG early on. It also weathered a few mortar barrages before finally digging in and firing in support of the center attack.

A Jeep from one of the patrols is knocked out by MG fire.

The 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate) actually used their mountaineer abilities to shimmy down the rock face.

My artillery did nothing, failing to range in on all but one turn. Oh well, that's arty for you!

Pat's 88s and my 90s engaged in a long-range duel with surprising results!

The 99th clamors into the railroad station and proceeds to stay pinned down for three turns following a mortar barrage. At about this time Patrick tricks me into a lovely glass of Schnapps... Things already going down hill start to snowball out of control.
With the 99th out of action and refusing to heed my CO's warnings of courts martial, I was forced to commit the TDs much earlier than I wanted. They basically acted as expensive infantry guns. 

With the TDs out to play, Patrick finally let loose with his own ambush. Turns out PaK40s are great at killing TDs...

With turn 8 reached and only a few US teams over the center line, Patrick's SS-Panzergreandiers easily slip away and win the game 6-1. 
My Engineers were roughly handled and I'll need a few more games of attacking in order to come to terms with the task. I may need to make some adjustments, but I really can't afford the time it'll take to paint some new platoons! We'll see!

Many thanks to Patrick and his German Schnapps for a pleasant evening!


  1. Love the pics as always, and like the laid-back approach to your AAR. I'm anxiously following your Combat Engineers' battle record. I'm still slowly grinding away on mine at the paint bench and can't wait to get them on the the 6x4 battlefield. Keep up the great work!


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