Finished Finnish

Landsverk Anti II
I tried to take some photos of my completed Soviet anti-tank guns, but my camera is acting up and taking pretty crap photos. I really need to build a photographing set up and perhaps a new camera. I did get this one in 2002, so its getting up there!

Anyway, thankfully I've got some backup stuff lined up for this week's update. My workmate, Casey has been kind enough to snap a few white-table shots of some of my Finns. Towards the end of last year I punched out a pile of my half-completed platoons for my Finnish army. Its an army that I've had on the back burner for quite some time. I originally started this project in 2006 for a tournament up in Vancouver, BC. If you get a chance you should attend one of the events there. Its a fantastic city with a great community of players. I consider Finns as one of my 'main' armies, right up there with Americans and Raiders. So I was happy to revisit an old favorite.

Anyway, here's a few shots of my Finns. I've got several platoons left to tackle, but since this is a slow burn project, I've got plenty of time to get to those (Sturmi Company, I'm looking at you). Thanks for stopping by!

Jalkaväki Platoon
Jääkäri Platoon

Machine-gun Platoon
Mortar Platoon

Heavy Mortar Platoon
(I love this mortar!)
2x 76 K/02 guns
(Full Battery completed)


  1. realy great work! love the finns and a "non-snow" version is cool ;)

  2. They do look very good, although imho you have yet to best your Free French efforts. ;)

  3. Great work. I like them.


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