Groovy Tunes: Vietnam

Now and again a hobby demands full immersion. Flames Of War Vietnam is one such hobby. Reading memoirs, talking to vets, studying pictures, painting miniatures, modelling the jungle and bush of Vietnam are all good ways to really get into the period, but listening to the generation's music reveals the soul of the period.

First, I apologize if you don't have Spotify as this article and its accompanying groovy tunes might not work for you. But you may be able to use your preferred social music program instead. With that said, I've pulled together several playlists that feature the top 100 songs of each major year of the Vietnam War (1965-1973). I've been using these to fill the background while painting my Air Cav force. Listening to them, I've pulled my favorites into my Vietnam mix. Given the immense diversity in the top 100 and the varied tastes of the music lovers, I thought it would be a good idea to post the playlists from these years and let you generate your own favorites. I've included my own at the end, which is constantly evolving!

Billboard Top 100 - 1965
Billboard Top 100 - 1966
Billboard Top 100 - 1967
Billboard Top 100 - 1968
Billboard Top 100 - 1969
Billboard Top 100 - 1970
Billboard Top 100 - 1971
Billboard Top 100 - 1972
Billboard Top 100 - 1973
Battlefield Vietnam (PC Game)

My Groovy Tunes: Vietnam Mix

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  1. Love your site ,brings back a lot of good memories to help forget the hell we were in at the time

  2. Ok, this is super cool! I'm going to have to queue this up, even though I'll be painting Dark Ages.


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