WWPD4Vets Event Report

Wow, what an event! We certainly had a lot of fun. I think I played four games, helped run a few new players through an X-Wing game, and generally enjoyed the lazy Sunday.

I've got a lot of interesting photos and now that I finally remembered the camera cable, I can down load them and post them up here. Thanks to everyone who came by. I learned a lot and hopefully we'll be able to make it an even better event next time around.

The first game I played was introduce Wayne to X-Wing. He bought a starter a few weeks ago, so we played straight out of the box. It was pretty fun and I hope Wayne enjoyed it!

I have to say I'm not an X-Wing guy. The maneuvers are just too slow. I guess I'm just addicted to TIE fighters and their abilities.

Wayne cleans up in a game of X-Wing
I seemed to do a real good job getting into positions where I couldn't shoot but be shot at.... a lot!
Next up was a game of Versus with Casey. My brother Andrew and I were pretty hardcore card floppers back in the day. Among the last we played before permanently transitioning into miniature wargaming, was this Superhero-based card game.

I stupidly left my deck at home, a cunning Sentinal robot deck. It was a fun deck to play and my only real competitive one. Sadly, it was left at home (along with my lunch). Luckily Casey lent me his Spiderman deck. It was tough going, as I struggled to both remember the game and play with a foreign deck. Had fun despite being crushed like a bug!

Then it was on to Flames Of War with a massive Budapest megagame. We had four players to each side, 1000 points per person. I joined the Soviets and ran a Sturmovye. It was a simple list: an HQ and two full strength Sturmovye companies. For my special teams, I took two 81mm mortars, two HMGs, two Pioneers and two 122mm obr 1922s in each company.

I lined up to take the factory and fought my entire game within its walls. It was pretty cool. The big guns were pretty awesome and helped keep my infantry on a steady pace through the factory. The battle went well for the Soviets because we came out swinging and grabbed the middle objectives quickly and never lost them. The Germans would have to face large numbers of troops to get there. But they managed to damage us big time with Chris's tankovy being utterly destroyed and Andy's forward detachment smashed. Gavin's IS-2s helped hold the center as my infantry isolated and destroyed Patrick's Fearless Trained Waffen-SS. It was a fun game.

After the Budapest game, I ran Pat and Gav though a game of X-Wing. Once again we had a good time.I was stuck how X-Wing plays so well the simpler the game. Leave out all of the upgrade shenanigans and large force sizes and the game plays quite well. I'd like to try more small-scale games .

While we were playing X-Wing, Sean and Reid were playing some Warmahordes. It was the first time I got to see one of those massive colossal on the table top! Reid's Skorne was looking pretty good too.

Wayne ran Chris through a game of Saga. Chris has a pile of Rohan figures from GW's Lord of the Rings game. The mounted figures and foot troops suit Normans pretty well, so Chris tried running them as the northern Frenchmen. Wayne busted out his fantastic Vikings and there was much blood shed (miniature blood)!

Finally, we all wound down for the night with a final game. Chris and Reid played some Warmachine/Hordes, while Sean, Wayne, and I were joined by Marcelle to play a rousing game of Caveman vs. Mammoth.

We had a pretty epic game. Sean's caveman got struck by lightning no less than three times (incidentally that also meant he discovered Fire pretty early on with is worth about a 25% of the victory points needed to win).

Wayne's caveman threw a few Meat Parties which gained him a lot of victory points too. Marcelle's caveman ended up slaughtering several mammoths because, as a smart caveman, it was easier for her to make tools.

In fact, after one of Marcelle's Mammoth kills she graciously split the meat with the players. But then Wayne stole my share. In a fit of rage-fueled revenge I broke his pointy stick (I had been saving this to break Sean's pointy stick, but this blatant thievery got my dander up). Wayne then angrily retaliated by breaking my pointy stick...the bastard. So, in the end I lost my pointy stick and my meat...

Anyway, it was a great game and Sean brought it home. Many thanks to Wayne, Sean, and Marcelle for running through the new victory point mechanics.

Well, that about wraps it up. We were scheduled for 12 hours and ended up going for nearly 14. I had a lot of fun and would love to do it again very soon!

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. An awesome day of gaming fun. The Budapest game looks epic.

    1. It was! The factory was a lot of fun to play in... kinda makes me want to make one for myself...

  2. Which of the two Saga armies belong to Chris I wonder?


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