Chaos on the Painting Table

Back in my LORT:CCG days, this guy was my hero.
So, I've gone a little off the rails in my painting plans. I was in the process of finishing my Hueys for my Blue Platoon for Vietnam, when suddenly the urge took hold to make an Uruk-hai warband for Saga. Yep, that's how my brain works sometimes...

Anyway, I've been bad about getting some photos together, so here is a snap of my ludicrous desktop. As you can see, I've got several completely unrelated projects on the go. I'm going to focus on the Uruk-hai in order to clear them out.

My wife and I "hobby" each night after the little one goes to bed. As she knits, I paint. Its how we are both able to punch out so much stuff! Anyway, we always have the TV on in the background, a series, a DVD, etc. Last week it was all three extended Lord Of The Rings movies. Yeah, I didn't stand a chance against my inner-nerd and a desire to paint an army of the White Hand for Saga.

The more astute of my readers will know that there were indeed no Uruk-hai present in the Dark Ages, indeed they have never been present at any period in history, owing to the fact they don't exist. But I couldn't help myself and I knew I had a handful of Uruks stashed away somewhere left over from my aborted attempt to actually like a Games Workshop game.

Thanks to James at work, who graciously donated a couple of sprues of Uruk-hai to the cause, and an extremely lucky (I was beginning to think I had sold them) find in my stash of my old Uruks, I've started my small Saga army. Chris, over at Wargamer on Tour, will be using his Rohan for our upcoming Saga campaign, so I thought that we'll at least be able to get in a couple of games for fun. James also has a pile of Uruk trackers that he might put together as well, so we'll have a few silly armies floating around. But, just to keep my feet grounded, my actual faction I'll be using is Normans (with a side of the White Hand). I'll have more on how I intend to field them, but to get back to my bread and butter...

I've been holding off in finishing my Hueys until I came up with a solution for making them look interesting. Chris had a great idea of using guys from the Rifle Platoon (VUS712), and Blake hit me with the thought of using the M113 Passengers & Crew (VUS710).

So, I've added them into the Hueys and now I can get cracking on finishing up this platoon. Then its on to the Loaches!


  1. Wow - Airmobile Urak-hai for Saga - that's pure genius. I can't wait to see the look on a Norman players face when you drop an LZ right behind his archers and out spill a few hearthguard units of Urak-hai.

    Nice painting - some of my most enjoyable projects were ones I did on a whim and "off-schedule"!

  2. ok dude .... your ideas are inspirational!! Love the passengers in the helo

  3. Nice to see LOTR getting some love.

  4. Inspirational use of the LOTR minis. I might just putility together a warrant from my Chronopia or and goblin force. Well done.


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