Sexy Sextons (Not Really)

Sorry for the horrible title.

Anyway, finished these Sexton self-propelled guns over the past week. They've been sitting in my to-do pile for a while and I thought I'd squeeze them in while I was still interested in painting my British Guards.

I'm gonna keep it brief and I apologize for the really slapped-together photos. I'm on a creative high for some Saga stuff and needed to sweep these off my painting desk ASAP. More on the Saga stuff later, as I'm pretty damned excited about it!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very nice work! Love the colours...

  2. Very nice! I always wanted to get some Sextons for my Brits ( as they're British, unlike the Yank Priest), but the 25pdr its mounts has a disappointing 5+ FP...
    Still, great looking platoon.

  3. Yeah 5+ FP can suck but smoke and/or a a pin is very useful.
    They look good. I like them.

  4. Thanks guys! I hear you on the 5+ FP, but combine that with AT4 in bombardment, ignore that at your own peril if you are an enemy tank! Its a cheap artillery system, and lets be honest. If you're trying to dig enemy teams out with a 25pdr in bombardment, you're doing it wrong! RoF2 FP3+ direct is the only way to go!

    Also, I haven't modelled them here yet, but they can also be fitted with .50 cals mmmmmm :)


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