I've got another simple update this week. I've been pretty busy around the house and at work, with little time to paint, so this is all I've got to show for this week.

I had a huge debate about these gun pits in terms of how to base them. My Germans are based differently from my Americans, which are again different than anything else that might make use of nests. In the end I settled on a generic green scheme.

I'm also going to do up some loose guns and crew as well. The pictured PaK40 and FlaK38 guns were from my War of Flames arcade game Sean and I ran at FlamesCon last year.

I've got some serious painting on the table now, so I need to get on with that as Operation Overlord is only a few weeks away!

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  1. They look good. I like them.

  2. Really like them, especially the low wattle lining!


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