Super-heavy Rockets

This week I cranked out some 30cm Nebelwerfers. You may recall that I did six Nebelwerfer bases and magnetized the 15cm and 21cm launchers. I've now added the 30s to this scheme as well. I know the rockets the crew are loading are not the right ones, but these days I care less about that and more about having miniatures in my condensed collection I must keep due to lack of storage space.

So, I got a pair of blisters of 30cm NW42 Rocket Launcher (GE595) and painted up all six weapons. I added the crew to my bits box for a future project, except I kept the six guys holding 30cm rockets aside. 

Once all of the guns were done, I painted up the crewmen holding the rockets and based them individually to use as Full Salvo tokens (see the Super Heavy Rockets rule). In the end I think they turned out alright and I'm excited to get them on the battlefield!

Next up is a little project I like to call "Mike's Bocage Removal Services, Ltd." But you should be able to read all about that in an upcoming Battlefront People article. Here's a little preview :)

Thanks for reading, and happy gaming until next time!


  1. Cool idea on the full salvo tokens. Wouldn't want to be at the end of those barrages.
    Btw where is the skytrain model from :) Its really nice!

  2. nice work as always Mike. Great idea for the tokens.

  3. Nice. Been doing a simikar thing with my FJ anti tank guns now that I have put my PAK 40 on medium bases. Will need to do the same with the Nebs.


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