It's that time of year again: FLAMESCON!

FlamesCon is Battlefront's annual wargaming convention and this year it'll be bigger than before. We've got five tournaments lined up for 26/27 October. There is a Late War, Mid War, and Early War tournament, as well as a special Open Fire tournament for new players to try out the game and the tournament scene. Also, Phil will be running a Vietnam event to round off the wargaming tournaments. There is also going to be a Spartacus tournament based on the popular boardgame of the same name. All in all, it's gonna be huge.

Find out more about FlamesCon here...

So, I've been tasked with taking charge of the Late War element of the event. I'm pretty excited about it and it'll be a blast. My first order of business is to work out my 1500 point list for the event, as I'll be filling the role as the odd-man-in, in the event of an uneven match up. So what 'ringer' lists should I take?

I'd like to take two lists, one Allied and one Axis to help balance any uneven red-blue numbers. I'd also like to take fast-paced lists that are both fun and challenging for my opponents and me. Also, it would help if I have the things painted as I'm furiously working on some things for this year's Arcade game (more on that later).

So, with those guidelines, help me build a list! I'll start by putting a few ideas out there for my Axis list. I'll follow up next week with my thoughts for the Allies. These are by no means the only two lists I'll consider, so suggest away! I'm open to lots of ideas so long as the painting requirement is small.... but then again there is list option three....

Option 1: FHH Panzersturmkompanie
Rated: Reluctant Trained

HQ - 60 pts
FHH Panzersturm Platoon (7x Panzerfaust Assault Rifle teams + half-tracks) - 190 points
FHH FlaK Platoon (with 6x Triple 15mm FlaK half-tracks) - 190 points
FHH Heavy Platoon (2x 7.5cm cannon half-tracks, 2x 8cm mortar half-tracks) - 120 points
FHH Panzergrenadier Platoon (7x Panzerfaust MG teams + half-tracks) - 165 points
FHH Panzer Platoon (3x Panther) - 385 pts
FHH Panzer Platoon (3x Panther) - 385 pts

Notes: Muahahahaha!

Contents may vary

Option 2: Fusilierkompanie
Rated Confident Veteran

HQ (+PzKn x2 +Panzerschreck): 80 pts
Fusilier Platoon (1x PzKn SMG + 6x MG teams) - 185 points
Fusilier Platoon (1x PzKn SMG + 6x MG teams) - 185 points
Fusilier Mortar Platoon (4x 81mm mortars) - 125 points
Fusilier Regt Anti-tank Platoon (3x PaK40) - 155 points
Fusilier Scout Platoon (5x recce Rifle teams) - 115 points
Fusilier Infantry Gun Platoon (2x 15cm sIG33) - 145 points
352. Tank-hunter Platoon (4x Marder IIIM) - 255 points
352. Tank-hunter Platoon (4x Marder IIIM) - 255 points

Notes: Been wanting to play this for a while! I'd play aggressively with it. The 2iC will spend some time KG'ing the mortars to reach 9 platoons.

Option 3: Beute StuG Batterie (21st Panzer)
Rated: Confident Veteran

HQ OP StuG - 25 pts 
3x StuGs - 205 pts 
3x StuGs - 205 pts
4x StuHs - 255 pts
Panzerspäh patrol (3x sdkfz 250s) - 100 pts
Gep pzGren (full strength + faust +3x extra 'tracks) - 255 pts
Gep pzGren (full strength + faust +3x extra 'tracks) - 255 pts 
R-Vielfachwerfer Battery +Crews - 110 pts
AA Gun Platoon, 2x 10/5 2cm armored - 80 pts 

Notes: short 10 points.... but there are sooooo many cool models to be had here! PS. Don't ask me to take out the Vielfachwerfers, 'cuz I'll punch you in your pragmatic face. Serious. J/K. maybe...

Ok, thoughts and other suggestions?


  1. That is 3 very fun and interesting options, they are all good in their own way. I think I'd have to vote for list 3 as I love Rommel's funnies. It;s also a solid list with a good attacking potential.

    Good luck


    1. Yes, I like the options this list has. It seems to have an even footing on offense and defense. I wanna try it, only Ive got nothing painted save the infantry teams...

  2. My vote is for list 2. 8 Marder IIIM's had me at hello.


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