Rockets, Mortars, and Submachine-guns!

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about the Desk of Mystery. This documented all of my current projects at the time that were sitting on my painting table. Since then, I've completed a couple of them and I've finally got around to getting pictures taken and ready for the blog.

First up are the Static Rocket Launchers. I had 6 of these essentially painted up and awaiting basing for my Warsaw Uprising German army. However, with the WWPD D-Day campaign looming (at the time of that last article), I decided to retask them as fortifications for a Festungskompanie in Atlantik Wall. You can field them in 2-4 launchers, so I'll have two batteries somehow totaling six all together (3+3 or 4+2).

I finished these a few nights ago, just in time to miss the campaign altogether. That's OK, as I'm really thinking about getting serious about a Festungskompanie in the near future. At any rate, these are finally done and ready for action.

I painted four of the launchers up as stand-alone weapons, ready for fire. I then did two with a couple of guys loading the rack, using some spare artillery and anti-tank gun crew figures. This adds a little variety to the battery and a built-in excuse as to why the launcher will inevitably failed to range in!

Next are six mortars I did for my American rifle company. Again, these were meant to be used in the campaign, but I ended up playing my British Armoured Squadron (Battle 1, Battle 2) instead. Still, mortars are something of a mainstay for my armies, so these will see lots of table action, I'm sure of it.

I only did the weapons themselves, as I have something like 12 command stands already done. No matter how crazy I get with US rifles, its doubtful I'll need more than that! If I do need to make some more, then its only a command base, and should be too much effort to complete.

Finally, I've got around to finishing a platoon of SMG-armed troops for my American 2ID in Brittany force. I had these kicking around for a while and like the platoons above, I needed more infantry to fill the ranks of my existing US Rifle Platoons. I currently only have a few reduced-strength platoons that I built, first as an Armored Rifle Platoon, then added a rifle team for an Ardennes Rifle Platoon, so three of the full strength platoon's rifle teams are actually Bazooka teams. To shore up the numbers for a Normandy variant, I did this platoon to either break up and mix into the others (ignoring they are SMG teams) or field them as a proper SMG platoon in Brittany.

Since the platoon is meant to be fighting in Brest, I opted to base them using plastic urban bases. This will help me and my opponent keep the platoons separate once in battle.

Alright, well that's pretty much what I've been up to. Next on the table are a couple of US self-propelled anti-aircraft half-tracks, some Union ACW figures, and anything else that might jump the queue (thinking long and hard about 21st Panzerdivision StuGs...)

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  1. Great work, the launchers are very nicely detailed and its nice to see some creativity


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