A Steam-driven Saga

This past weekend I got to finally catch up on some gaming. I've been quite busy with life, the universe, and everything, it was great to have a moment to play a few games.

The epic battle of the warlords!
This village would be the grave for both of them!
My first game was with my brother Andrew who is learning to play Saga. He's putting together a Viking army and I'm assembling my Anglo-danes.

We both ran two units of warriors and two units of hearthguard for 4 points total. We played a standard kill-the-warlord game as we were both getting familiar with our battleboards. I rushed up the middle and claimed the village and Andrew's Vikings closed up and launched some attacks. It was a tussle in the middle and eventually our warlords clashed steel. In the end they both succumbed to their wounds and our respective warbands fell apart.

It was great fun, thanks Andrew!

Sean (Cygnar) and I (Shae's cutthroats) teamed up to deal with Andrews horde of tiny dwarf men.
The second game was a 30-point, three-player Warmachine mash-up with Andrew and Sean. We played a scenario of some description involving having to be in the middle of this ruin. Sean ran his Cygnar, Andrew his dwarves, and I ran my pirates. I rarely get to play Warmachine, so I had a great time and in the end, after some dastardly alliances and epic betrayals. We called the game after a while as I had to get going, but we were all pretty well bloodied!

My seadogs and Hawk swooped around to engage some dwarves.
I was expecting to be demolished, but the pirates did well when showing off to Hawk!
It was bound to happen, the Cygnar betrays the pirates, while the scrap in the middle intensifies!
Well, that's my update. Thanks to my opponents, Andrew and Sean!

...And thanks for stopping by!


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