SS-Jäger Platoon

Well, I finished my SS-Jäger platoon for my Panzer Brigade 150. It was a bit of a journey, and I took some shortcuts. The first being that I used the Volksgrenadier figures for this platoon, rather than the normal SS ones. I did this to both cut down on SS camo I'd have to paint, but also make them distinct from other SS troops I plan to do in the future.

As Jagers, they are rated Rifle/MG teams, but I've used a lot of assault rifles, Panzerfausts, and others in order to make them work for a variety of forces, chiefly SS-KG Peiper.

Anyway, I settled on a very silly PzBrigade 150 list. One day I'll get serious about it, but for now the painting is minimal!

Panzer Brigade 150

2x Panzerfaust SMG20
Ersatz Panther Platoon (5x Ersatz Panther)920
SS-Jager Platoon190
1x Panzerfaust SMG10
Skorzeny Commando Group100
Skorzeny Commando Group100
Me262 A2a105

Well, here's the Jagers!

I'm going to pick up the Ersatz Panthers next and get them sorted out. I've already got a pair of Skorzeny jeeps that I won at Shifting Sands 13 earlier this year. Besides the Panthers, that only leaves the 262 and two more jeeps to paint. I might squeeze in five Ersatz StuGs and captured M8s as well. There's lots to do, so well see where this takes us.

Unfortunately for Skorzeny and his commandos, I've got my Christmas project lining up: JAPANESE! :)


  1. Great work, your bases are really nice, and the paintjob excellent!


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