Big Plans for 2014

This is my first post of 2014, so a very belated Happy New Year to all! This year, I’ve got a crazy resolution lined up for 2014. I only have one because it breaks down into several sub- resolutions, each with a level of complexity. ...And its massive. It is this:
“I will play at least one game with each US Infantry Division involved in the Northern France campaign, June-August 1944.”
This breaks down into the following sub-resolutions: o Paint everything needed for these games (Approx 115 models/teams total) o Post a brief history of the engagement I’ll be playing (14 histories) o Post a battlereport for each game (14 battlereports) o Don’t get distracted (yeah right) Sourced from the Citizen Soldier PDF and Overlord, that’s 14 infantry divisions, for a total of 14 games. Easy, right?

Fourteen games are a lot, but I think I can achieve that this year if I ease off on my other projects. The trouble is, I really want to get started on my Japanese, which is sitting on my desk taunting me every time I sit down for some painting time. Well, I'll need to stay focused!

I've done some planning in order to achieve this. With the help of Google Docs, I've made up my set list in a spreadsheet with all of the divisions, a rough army list, a generally specified opposing force, mission, and theme. This will help reduce the stress of having to prepare the game itself, allowing me to focus on painting.

I've also planned out what will need to be painted when if I am to tackle these battles in chronological order (hopefully). There is a large number of stuff I'll need for a beach landing, but once the first few battles are done, the painting queue will drop off substantially.

As I mentioned the most serious is the 1 ID's beach assault list. I'll need to get a lot of specialist equipment done so that I can play this game, such as DD Sherman tanks, some LCVP landing craft, a couple of Ranger platoons, and some small arms such as a 60mm mortar and some flame-throwers.

I'll tackle the Rangers first because I'm going to do them as standard looking US Rifles so that I can expand my rifle platoons. I don't want to have to dip into my winter US rifles, and I only have a couple of short platoons painted up, so I need some more basic infantry. Once I infuse my troops with more regular platoons, I'll not have an issue running things like the 90th ID's Reluctant Trained horde of inadequate troops!

I look forward to expanding my US collection by adding other staples, such as the M3 105mm cannons, tank riders, transports, and anti-aircraft guns, while adding additional firepower to existing platoons and batteries.

All that being said, if I find myself up against it, I'll use my winter troops to fill in the gaps. I'm loath to do this, but in the end it'll be OK because all of my troops are based similarly and should blend well (except for my Paras, but they should pass).

As I prepared my painting queue, I've also added some terrain. I need to bust out some Bocage, paint some buildings, and build a fort! Fun.

USA Painting Queue
IDModel (by team)Qty
1Flamethrower Team4
160mm Mortar Team1
1Sherman DD5
1Ranger Rifle/MG team14
1NGFS Model1
4M7 Priest5
90Rifle team6
9Pioneer Supply 3/4-ton truck1
30M3 105mm Cannon6
30P-47D or P-38J (or both?)2
35Tank riders10
80105mm howitzer4
80Staff team1
80Observer team1
28Hedgerow Cutter2
28Improvised Armor5
52 1/2-ton trucks8
53/4-ton trucks4
5M5 high-speed tractor4
5Jeep with trailer4
83155mm howitzer4
83155mm gun4
83Staff team1
83Observer team1
291 1/2-ton trucks4
2Ivory X Staff team1
2T27 4.5"Rocket4
2M1 Bofors2
2M49 Quad2
I'll be in the market for some opponents. The missions will be somewhat pre-defined, in terms of who is attacking and defending, points, and mission type. I'll have what company I want to face planned, but the construction is up to the opponent. I've got some loose ideas on historical platoons to include and what not to include, but these are negotiable.The reason for this is that my rifle companies will be historically aligned, so I'd like for my opponents to be so as well.

These are not competition games, so there may be a few surprises lined up like asymmetrical match-ups on both sides, some special units, modified mission rules, etc. I have tried to keep the missions on the level so that it doesn't impact the balance too much.

So, if there are any local players who would like to play, drop me a line by either posting below or by other means, tell me what you'd like to play and I'll book you in. Thanks in advance!

US Infantry DivisionVsGerman Division(s)Opposition ForceTheme Battle
1 Infantry DivisionVs352 Infanteriedivision352 FestungskompanieOmaha
4 Infantry DivisionVs709 InfanteriedivisionGrenadierkompanieUtah
90 Infantry DivisionVs91 LuftlandedivisionGrenadierkompanieMeredet River
79 Infantry DivisionVs709 InfanteriedivisionBrittany FestungskompanieCherbourg
9 Infantry DivisionVs5. FallschirmjagerLuftwaffe JägerkompanieCobra
30 Infantry DivisionVs2. SS-PanzerdivisionSS-PanzergrenadierkompanieHill 314
35 Infantry DivisionVs2. SS-PanzerdivisionSS-PanzergrenadierkompanieTask Force S
80 Infantry DivisionVs116th PanzerdivisionPanzerpionierkompanieArgentan
28 Infantry DivisionVs331 InfanteriedivisionGrenadierkompanieTask Force D - Elbeuf
5 Infantry DivisionVs48 InfanteriedivisionGrenadierkompanie700-mile saga - Montereau
83 Infantry DivisionVs77 InfanteriedivisionBrittany FestungskompanieSt. Malo
8 Infantry DivisionVs343 InfanteriedivisionBrittany FestungskompanieBrest - First Attacks
29 Infantry DivisionVs2 FallschirmjagerBrittany FestungskompanieBrest - Fort Montbarey
2 Infantry DivisionVs266 Infanteriedivision & 2 FallschirmjagerBrittany FestungskompanieTask Force B - Hill 154

Alright, so that's what I've got on deck this year! Let's just see how much I can get done... It's a lot of painting, modelling and writing, but I think it'll be a fun journey to look back upon. The road there, no doubt, will be both fun and hard at times!

You've seen what I plan on doing for 2014, so what are your Flames Of War resolutions? Post 'em below!

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  1. You sure do like the US dont you Mike! Would be keen for a game.

  2. Big plans indeed, good luck mate. Have you thought about drawing up a map to pin on the wall? You could update it after each battle with the results...I think it'd look cool and provide an overview to how your resolution is progressing. Then again, I just have a thing for maps.

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    1. Good lord that is quite a task ahead of you. Still tho, should prove to be fun as heck. Looking forward to seeing updates on this.

  4. Good luck, the key is to not get sidetracked, Focus!
    One question though: why FOUR tractors?

    Will be checking for posts often!

    1. I need 'em for my four 155s :)

      Thanks for stopping by! I'll try not to disappoint :)

  5. Oh those type of tractors....


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