And We're Back!


Yes, it's been 6 months, but let's face it you've been having a great time without my ramblings! There's been some interesting changes in the wargame world, new games, new communities, new things to explore in the hobby. After some time in the wilderness, I've make it a priorty to get this blog back on its feet.

I've had a lot on in the last year but I've not been slack on the hobby front. Chief among my hobby efforts has been out podcast Behind Enemy Lines. Dan, Greg, Damian, and I have been pretty busy cranking out a fortnightly-ish podcast and blog, so a lot of my energy is going there.

The big news on that front is that we're covering the new upcoming Flames Of War expansion into the Pacific, a theatre I've been wishing for for over a decade. I couldn't be more excited to dive into that! You can follow that progress on the Behind Enemy Lines blog and check out the Flames of War: Pacific group on facebook. I'm doing a lot of reading and writing for the BEL blog, however I'll cross post my own articles here as well as they come up.

Work Bench!
The other major development on the hobby front is a new hobby garage. Since my last post, we've moved and I was sure to secure a hobby space for myself. The garage fits a game table, my armies, and a big work bench.... plus a beer fridge.


I've hosted several games so far and I hope to get some quick AARs up at some point, but the real upshot of the garage is terrain making space! Yes, I've been busy on terrain building so I'll have some tutorials coming soon on some building projects.

Anyway, just a short post for today. I hope to see you all back here soon as I try and get some real content rolling!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Glad to see you Posting here again. I've been enjoying the podcasts.

    1. Thanks! I've been inspired to pick up the banner again, thanks to some guy's online campaign that got me playing again. So thanks for that :)

  2. Wow! Who is this strange man posting on a blog I thought was dead and just cluttering my reading list!

    Welcome back Mike!


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