Oct 18

New site


Hi Mike,

Nice to see your new site up and running. I'll be happy to read through your Dreadnought stuff. It may be possible to get a few games in but I honestly can't promise that right now.

All the best,


Mike at SBS
Oct 18

Hi John, thanks for having a look! I'll have a new edition uploaded very soon I hope!

Oct 20

I haven't actually looked at the rules as I thought a password was required to access them?


Mike at SBS
Oct 21

Hi John,


For the Alpha testing I wanted to keep the rules passworded for some security. You can still find the files and passwords to the Alpha documents in the Playtest form here:




However, I'll soon have an open Beta for everyone to play, so I'll keep people posted when I feel confident about the ruleset moving into Beta.

New Posts
  • jd0um0hoste
    Oct 23

    Mike, I've glued the ships to card stock and cut them out. I did not follow the lines of the hulls but left them rectangular as it was both easier and kept the gun barrels which project past the hull line. It seems to me that the bows of the ships are to the left of the name and the sterns to the right. You might consider somehow distinguishing which is which especially for those new players who are not familiar with the vessels. john
  • Mike at SBS
    Oct 17

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