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Hi there! I'm Mike Haught. I've been designing games professionally for for over a decade, but I've been making games since I was in elementary school. I started Scary Biscuits Studios in 2010 as a way to express my hobby interests and other creative projects.


In 2017 I started to think about actually making my own games and I had several prototypes in mind for my starting project. However, it was my son who rekindled a project that I had started in 2003 of making a tabletop WWI Dreadnought game. Fast forward two years, over 100 scratch-built ships, hundreds of hours of graphic design, and a lot of research and design, and we arrive to today, launching Scary Biscuits Studios as an independent game studio. But none of that would be possible if I hadn't had the encouragement of the fantastic wargames community to keep pressing on. Thank you for that and your continued support! 

- Mike Haught

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You can email Scary Biscuits Studios at: ScaryBiscuitsStudios@gmail.com

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